Mums, Bumps and Babies


Mums,  Bumps and Babies - a perfect way to start the week if you're a new mum!

We love starting our week off in the company of local mums, bumps and babies and we have around ten mums joining us for chat and coffee on an average Monday morning. 

As a new mum, there's nothing worse than wanting to get out but not having the time or energy to put makeup on and get 'coffee shop ready'. Here at The Vicarage, you are welcome on good days and bad, with a fractious baby or a calm one. Pop in at some stage during the morning session or come for the whole thing, whatever works best for you and your baby's naps etc.

My lovely team and I, all of whom have a heart for young families, are here for you with tea, coffee, home made cakes and ready baby cuddles if you're feeling touched out. Let us look after you, while you chat and make friends with mums at a similar stage of life to you. 

Our mums are friendly and inclusive, with a WhatsApp group connecting them outside group time. We love to hear them sharing top parenting tips, commmiserating over sleepless nights and celebrating wins big or small. If you need additional support, I work privately as a newborn care specialist and sleep coach and am happy to chat to you about specific issues over the course of the morning.

In the words of the African Proverb, 'It takes a village to raise a child'. Through this group on a Monday, our aim is to provide a supportive network for your early parenting journey. 



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