Wonersh Parish Records and Registers

The parish records contain a wealth of historical information, including Baptism, Marriage and Funeral records, gravestone inscriptions, and our more recent cemetery records. Please follow the links to the right for more detailed information.

Wonersh Church graveyard, adjacent to the church, has been closed since 1861. The current parish cemetery for Wonersh and Blackheath is located just outside Blackheath village. For more information about burials in either location you may wish to check our Church Graveyard and Parish Cemetery pages for alphabetical lists of names.

Searching Our Registers - Baptism, Marriage and Funeral records

Background information may be found on the page about our Vicars and Registers.

If you are trying to trace family members we recommend the Diocese of Guildford's Family History Research  page. 

The Surrey History Service ("Visit us to discover more about your family") is a great source of information. There is also the Cranleigh Local & Family History Centre, a partnership between Surrey Libraries, Surrey History Centre & Cranleigh History Society, available to help. Try also Surrey Plus Wills Index. Helpful sites are also West Surrey Family History Society  and GENUKI: Surrey Genealogy

Searching for Family Records

If you're looking for Baptism, Marriage or Funeral records, we will try to help you as much as we can.

Records for the following years are held -: 

Registers for St John the Baptist Wonersh Registers for St Martin's Church Blackheath
Burial Registers
17/2/93 - date
Burial Registers
7/3/51 – 24/12/92
17/2/93 - date
Baptism Registers:
10/4/1994 - present (1 book)
Baptism Registers:
9/9/1928 – present (1 book)
Confirmation Registers:
11/10/1992 - present (1 book)
Confirmation Registers:
Jan 1999 - date
Banns of Marriage:
5/7/1998 - present (1 book)
Banns of Marriage:
13/3/1938 – present (1 book)
Marriage Registers:
5/5/07 to present (book  No14, 2 copies)
Marriage Registers:
7/8/2004 – present (book No6, 2 copies)
Service Register
3/10/90 - date
Service Register
5/1/97 - date

A search of our records can be time-consuming, so please be aware that there is a charge for this service. 

Surrey History Service

If what you require is not at Wonersh our early records have been deposited with the Surrey History Service in Woking: in 2007 they held the following original registers and other documents. They will allow you to inspect microfiche copies in Woking and Winchester.

Transcripts of these Registers can be viewed online at the LDS IGI ; click the relevant link as follows:-

  C055921  1800-1849  M055921  1800-1849   
  C055922  1539-1800  M055922  1539-1800
  C055923  1840-1880   

Note :- Click here for IGI Batch numbers for other Parishes in Surrey, or indeed for other Counties.

Registers at Surrey History Service in Woking
from St John the Baptist Wonersh.

Early Registers were repaired by the British Museum.

Registers at Surrey History Service in Woking
from St Martin's Church Blackheath
Baptism Registers 
1539 – 1683/4
1668 – 1744/5 with a few earlier
1745 – 1782
1779 - 1812
1813 – 1959 (6 Vols)
1959 - 94
Baptism Registers:-


Marriage Registers
1539 – 1683/4
1668 – 1744/5
1745 – 1753
1753 - 1837
1838 – 1964 (Books 1-7)
1965 - 2004 (Books 8-12)
12/6/04 - 5/5/07 (Book 13)
Marriage Registers
1934-2004 (5 Vols)
Banns Book
1823 – 1951 (3 Vols)
1975 – 1998
Banns Book
Burial Registers
1539 – 1683
1668 - 1782
1779 – 1812
1813 - 1951
1951 - 1992
Burial Registers
Up to 1951
Confirmation Register

1899 - 1945
1927 - 1991

Confirmation Register

Early Registers at SHC
Up to Dec 1998 at St Thomas’s Church Chilworth

Service Registers
1898 – 1976 (31 Vols)
1976 – 1990 (2 Vols)
Service Registers:-


Note that from 1881 Christ Church Shamley Green constitutes a separate Parish and have their own Registers from that date. Wonersh churchyard was closed in 1861 and burials for Wonersh took place at Shamley Green over this period. Our Burials 1900-1950 are identified in Cemetery Records page.

You can see the most up-to-date list of registers held at Surrey History Service ( under "Visit us to discover more about your family").