Bell Ringing


The Wonersh peal of eight bells were cast in 1958 by Mears Whitechapel bell foundry in London. They are a very fine, tuneful and easy-to-ring peal with a tenor of 11½ cwt. Before 1958 there were six bells, five cast by Richard Phelps (at Whitechapel) in 1727 and the sixth a gift of the 2nd Lord Grantley in 1804. You can download more information about the bells using the right link.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the casting and installation of our bells we rang a full peal of 5040 changes on 26th April 2008, in just under three hours of continuous ringing. The first full peal on the bells was rung in 1965 and we rang the same method for the Golden Anniversary peal. Both peals are now recorded in the peal boards hanging in the ringing chamber. Also recorded are full peals rung for the late Queen's Diamond Jubilee and for the appointment of our ex-vicar, Debbie Sellin, as Bishop of Southampton. The mathematically minded reader will understand the significance of the 5040 changes needed for a full peal. We ring every permutation of the front seven bells with the heaviest bell ringing at the back of every change to set a good steady beat. If you remember your school mathematics the number of different permutations of seven bells is: 7x6x5x4x3x2x1=5040.

Bellringers come in all sizes and ages. Bellringing is fun, challenging and rewarding as well as bringing pleasure to lots of people who hear the bells across the parish and are reminded thereby of the presence and outreach of the church across the village. We always welcome new ringers. If you would like to learn the ancient and very English craft of bellringing, we are willing to teach you, provided you are willing to commit your time to regular practices and Sunday ringing. Basic requirements are:-

  • age over 10 years
  • at least five feet tall
  • alert in mind and with a good sense of rhythm
  • able in body (though no great strength is needed)
If you are interested please contact Stephen Darvill (01483 894606 or or come to any Wednesday practice night at 8pm to learn more.
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