Sustainability at Wonersh Church 

What is ‘sustainability’, and why is it important?
‘Sustainability’ is about safeguarding the health of the planet and conserving natural resources. It’s vital because humans are now consuming resources at a rate that is not sustainable and having a direct impact on the earth’s climate. The world’s poorest are suffering the effects of this first, so it’s also an issue of social justice. It's an important issue for us because we believe that being followers of Jesus includes a responsibility to care for God’s creation and to promote justice. 
What are we doing about it?
Our current activities at Wonersh Church include:

  • Organising opportunities to learn about specific aspects of sustainability and ideas for how we can respond as a church
  • Including environmental and social justice issues in our teaching, worship and prayer life
  • Ensuring our church buildings are as environmentally friendly as possible, and seeking to buy the items we need from companies that share our environmental and ethical concerns
  • Looking after church land in a way that preserves nature and protects wildlife
  • Supporting each other to live more sustainably, and to consider the potential impact of how we live on our global neighbours 
We are thrilled that our efforts so far have earned us a Bronze ‘Eco Church’ Award, via an award scheme by Christian conservation charity A Rocha.

How can I get involved?
Among other things, you could help to maintain the wildlife provision in the churchyard, take part in our biannual churchyard working parties and share with us your ideas about how we can operate more sustainably. And we can all take action in our everyday lives and choices to tread more lightly on the planet.
Why not try:
  • Eating less meat
  • Buying local, eating seasonally and growing your own
  • Recycling more, and composting your food waste
  • Buying less and better – choosing ethical brands
  • Avoiding single-use plastics wherever possible
  • Driving less – share lifts, cycle or take the bus
  • Installing solar panels
  • Buying an electric car
  • Joining or and signing petitions
  • Emailing your MP about issues you care about
  • Keeping yourself informed about the issues, and telling others 

Please contact Jane Boswell or any other member of the sustainability team (Darren Alford, Sarah Jo Gray, Mike Hodges, Marion Peters, Malcolm Pickering, Christine Sweeting and Charlie Wakefield) to find out more or to get involved.

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