We have a library of resources located in the Selwyn room. Listed below are the studies and C.D's that are there grouped into OLD TESTAMENT, NEW TESTAMENT, NEW TESTAMENT BASED STUDIES, SEASONAL STUDIES, LIFE APPLICATIONS and C.D's.

If you have any resources that you would like added or have any comments on the studies that you feel would be helpful to share, please let Kia know (kiapakenham@icloud.com)

If you use any of them and remove them please would you state when and where in the book provided, thank you!

We also have a number of online resourses availble for Homegroup Leaders and for Individuals. Click here for more information

Old Testament


Genesis - 1-11 Beyond Eden
Moses - Face to face with God                                                   
Cover to Cover (Elizabeth Rundle)  7 sessions


Joshua - The Power of God's promises                                       
Life guide bible study (Donald Baker) 12 sessions

Ruth - Love, honour and obey                                                     
Spring Harvest (Elizabeth Mcquoid) 6 sessions

David - A heart for God                                                               
Lifebuilder (Jack Kuhatschek) 12 sessions

Job - Wrestling with God                                                             
Life guide (Paul Stevens) 12 sessions

Proverbs - Learning to live wisely                                                
Lifebuilder (William Mouser) 13 sessions

Ecclesiastes - Hard questions and spiritual answers                  
Cover to Cover (C. Brearley) 7 sessions

Isaiah - Prophet to the nations                                                     
Cover to Cover (John Houghton) 7 sessions

             Prophet of restoration                                                      
Cover to Cover (John Houghton) 7 sessions

Daniel - Spiritual living in a secular world                                    
Lifebuilder (Douglas Connelly) 12 sessions

Old Testament Charactors                                                           
Lifebuilder (Peter Scazzero) 12 sessions




Matthew 5:1-12: The good living guide (Phillip Jenson and Tony Payne) 9 sessions

Developing spiritual charactor: John Stott 8 sessions

Matthews Gospel - The Kingdom: Cover to Cover (Chris Leonard) 7 sessions
John - Bible study guide ( Tom Wright)
Acts - Seeing God's power in action: Lifebuilder (Phyliss Le Peau) 26 sessions
Acts - Seeing the Spirit at work: John Stott 18 sessions
1 Corinthians - The challanges of life together: Lifebuilder (Paul Stevens and Dan Williams) 13 sessions
2 Corinthians - Finding strength in weakness: Lifebuilder (Paul Stevens) 11 sessions
Galatians - Free for all: St Matthias press (Phillip Jenson and Kel Richards) 8 sessions
Galatians - Why God accepts us: Lifebuilder (Jack Kuhuatscek) 11 sessions
Ephesians - Building a community in Christ: John Stott 12 sessions
Philippians - Jesus our joy: Lifebuilder ( Donald Baker) 9 sessions
Colossians - The complete christian: St Matthias press ( Phillip Jenson and Tony Payne) 8 sessions
James - Faith that works: Lifebuilder (Andrew and Phyliss Le Peau) 9 sessions
1/2 Peter - Learning to be like Jesus: Lifebuilder (Robbie Castlemen) 12 sessions
John - Bible study guide Tom Wright
Johns Letters - Discovering genuine Christianity: Lifebuilder (Ron Blankley) 12 sessions


Sermon on the Mount  - Lifebuilder: John Stott 13 sessions

The Lords Prayer - A course for the Christian journey 6 sessions

The Lords Prayer - Your Kingdom come: J. John 10 sessions

Parables - The Greatest stories ever told: Lifebuilder (John White) 12 sessions

Women of the New Testament Lifebuilder (Phyliss Le Peau) 10 sessions

Fruits of the Spirit Lifebuilder (Hazel Offner) 9 sessions





A Journey of the Heart - A Pilgrim guide to prayer (ideal for lent) Kate Hayes 6 sessions

Lentwise - Spiritual essentials for real life: Church house publishing (Paula Gooder)

Meakness and Majesty- The Humanity of the servant King: Cover to Cover (Elizabth Rundle)



Recovery from Loss - Life recovery series. 6 Studies. Dale and Juanita Ryan.
Facing Today - Issues for today: Environment, Health, Community care, Family, Housing, Media. Bible reading fellowship.
This is our Faith - A popular presentation of Anglican Church Teaching (1998)
Meeting God Lifebuilder (J. Packer) 12 sessions

The Journey of the Son  Kate Hayes 6 sessions

The possibility of purpose - What's the meaning in my life? Kate Hayes 5 sessions

Christian Character Lifebuilder (Andrea Sterk and Peter Scazzero)

Christian Disciplines Lifebuilder (Andrea Sterk and Peter Scazzero)

40 days of purpose Purpose driven Saddleback

Environment Life issues (Ruth Valerio) 4 sessions

Names of God - Exploring the depth of Gods character: Cover to Cover (Mary Evans) 7 sessions

Image of God - His attributes and character: Cover to Cover ( Trevor Partridge) 7 sessions


Gods rescue plan - Finding Gods fingerprints on human history: Cover to Cover ( Catherine Butcher) 7 sessions

Great Prayers of the Bible - Applying them toour lives today: Cover toCover (Jennifer Oldroyd) 7 sessions

If you want to walk on water you've got to get out of the boat John Ortberg 6 sessions

Silence and solitude University press (Jan Johnson )6 sessions

Relationships Lunn Penson 4 sessions



Faith, hope and love York course 5 sessions

Where is God? York course 5 sessions

When I survey York course 5 sessions

Elijah - Prophet at a loss: Jeff Lucas 4 sessions

Rich Inheritance - Jesus legacy of Love: York course (Stephen Cotterall)

Simplify - Unclutter your soulBill Hybels Willow Creek 4 sessions

Jesus is...... - Find a new way to be Human: Judah Smith 8 sessions

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