Farewell to Sarah! 

It is with both sadness and joy that we said goodbye to Sarah Rowden, our Youth and Children’s Director, on 7th June. We feel joy, because Sarah has been recommended for ordination training; however a sense of sadness too, because in order to carry out her 3-year training she will have to leave her post at Wonersh.

Over the past 6 years, Sarah has served countless families, toddlers, children and young people with a huge sense of fun and set them off on their own unique path of faith. Sarah leaves us with so many happy memories: from all the Thursday mornings spent at Chatterbox, to Big Worship Sessions on Sundays, Friday night Youth Group (never complete without crazy games and sweets galore), guiding our young people to discover a real sense of their own identity and faith, not to mention the epic camping trips to Soul Survivor. Sarah has been such a blessing to us all and we wish her much fulfilment and happiness throughout her training and will watch with pleasure to see what she achieves next.

Alex Vinall, Church Warden. 

Sarah and Adam generously treated the church congregation to an ice cream from the Moooh! vintage ice cream truck at the end of the service as they bid farewell. It was a delightful treat enjoyed by all who attended. 

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