Services at St. Martin's 

After consultation, we have taken the sad decision that in light of the high level of transmission of the Covid virus, and cases in the area, we are suspending services at St Martin’s for the time being.  Initially, this will be for the remainder of January and the whole of February and we will reassess the situation again for March.

In the meantime, the church will be open for Private Prayer and Reflection on Sundays and Wednesday 8am to 4pm as usual, unless the Government/Diocesan rules/guidelines change.

This is such a difficult time for everyone but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel with the rolling out of the vaccine programme.

The St Martin’s Care Team is there should you need help:
Amelia Taylor/Alexandra Jones The Old Post Office/Hazelhurst 07973 406636/01483 890890   07810 486521/01483 892860
And do get in touch if there is more we can do, or if you or your family are in need of special prayers, or you have concerns:
Church Warden- Patricia Allen
01483 893094

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