Thy Kingdom Come 

Today is Ascension Day, when we remember Christ rising in front of the disciples and returning to His Father. Ascension Day also marks the beginning of 'Thy Kingdom Come', a calling from the Church of England to a ten day period of prayer and reflection leading to Pentecost and the release of the Holy Spirit.

Just to remind you, in Wonersh and Blackheath this year, there are five ways planned in which we can all join together in prayer for ourselves, our families and community, country and world, that the power of God would be experienced afresh at a time when we need Him so desperately.

The website for Thy Kingdom Come can be found here:

5 people
: Think of five people that you wish to pray for during this time.

Pray every day: Pray for each of these five, that they may come to God for the first time and perhaps you may be able to invite them to our online Alpha course. You can also download of order a hard copy of a prayer journal illustrated by Charlie Mackesy.

Prayer and care: As we pray, so we can care. What can we do to show these individuals that we care for them and then do it?

Join our prayer with others: There are three ways that we can pray with other Christians around the world -

  1. Join your name on the light of the world map - simply submit your details to add another light to the overall picture.
  2. Take part in the prayer room and sign up for a specific time during the TKC period.
  3. Join the parish in prayer at our next Zoom prayer meeting - 8pm on 27th May - this is already a 'date' on the prayer room calendar!
Family: If you want to pray with your children and need some activity ideas, an adventure map or want to make a video with them, resources are available on the TKC website and Sarah will also be sharing more details. 

Parish Administrator, 01/03/2020

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