Covid-19 Update 

It is only Tuesday but advice relating to the Coronavirus/Covid19 has moved on at pace.

The staff team met this morning in order to develop a strategy for the immediate weeks ahead and key events.  Clearly the Archbishops had been discussing the same issues!

NOTE: ALL CHURCH SERVICES ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - this will include services in both Blackheath and Wonersh, to include Sunday and the midweek service on Thursday.

In addition, Chatterbox and youth meetings will be cancelled.  It is also recommended that Home Groups do not meet for the time being unless the members in the group specifically decide to the alternative.  

Specific events are being discussed with the relevant organisers and clergy team responsible.

PASTORAL CARE:  It is vital at this time that we share the love and compassion of Christ in our community, that is the mission to which we are called.  May we therefore suggest the following:

  • Services - The appointed leader for the 10am service will attend church each Sunday and will (try!) to record a short meditation and prayers for release thereafter as a podcast on the church website. What a provision that we have the Jesuit programme this year so that we can continue to travel together through Lent!  The link again is:                                                                We will release further details about Easter services as and when any updated advice is forthcoming.


  • Home Groups - are the backbone of our church and this is the time to share regularly with each other over the telephone to ensure that everyone is suitably supported.  I shall send each leader the weekly notes by email so that they can be circulated to all members.  
  • Prayer - obviously we need as a nation to pray for God's healing hand in this dramatic situation and a return to our honouring him as a nation.  Also, we are setting up a dedicated prayer email address for prayer requests.  We are also advertising the opportunity for help from the church via a leaflet in the Parish Magazine.  It is, however, incumbent upon us all to be aware of our neighbour and to see where we may be of assistance in the name of Christ.
  • Youth - Tom will continue to be in contact with the various youth groups via their usual media.  We will also be looking at providing thoughts and activities for smaller children while they are at home.

We have discussed the practicalities of running the church during this time and for the APCM and other events.  More details in this regard will come out in due course

Do let me know of any questions but in the meantime, carry each other in prayer and look out for where God may be leading you.

Parish Administrator, 17/03/2020

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