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Dear Friends,

In 2010 I was asked to ring the church bell at my induction service. Tradition says, that the number of times you ring it indicates the number of years will stay in that place. Well, I have been here nearly nine years but the time has come for me to move on.
God has always spoken clearly to me about my ministry and now he is calling me to a new adventure as the next Bishop of Southampton. It’s a role I never imagined myself taking up, but over the last 3 years God has been moulding me and shaping me for a leadership position in the Church. The Bishop of Southampton is a Suffragan (assistant) within the Diocese of Winchester and works within the area of Southampton, the New Forest and Bournemouth. I shall be consecrated Bishop on 3rd July, and installed in Winchester Cathedral on Sunday 14th July when I do hope many of you will be able to come.
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I have mixed feelings about this news – sadness to leave you but excitement and hope for the future. I know that you will be in safe hands and that your future, too, is full of hope and new adventures as you seek new leadership and explore the next chapter in the journey God has for you.
There will be much more to talk about in the coming days and months but for now I just want to say what a privilege it has been to minister here, and I will miss you.
With love

PS. You can watch this short video clip about the announcement from the Diocese of Winchester website




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